Product analytics and Consumer insights


 Work in progress. 


Understand consumer behaviors through product analytics


01 Objectif 


Often, companies have data that contain a lot of hidden information. Asking the right questions and analyzing the data will give you relevant insights. The goal is to answer the right questions that will help the company to make the right decisions.





02 Process 


The method being used is called CRISP-DM, it's composed of six steps :  business knowledge,  data knowledge, data cleaning, data preparation and modeling, evaluation, deployment. 


03 Result


Results are presented in a report with clear data visualizations, recommendations and follow-up steps. Based on report, clear and well-founded decisions can be made, costs can be saved and processes optimized.

Newest update on Product

product analytics and product management

If you are a product analyst at a junior position, you don’t always have the opportunity to participate in the first stage of ideation for the big picture with the stockholders. If you want to have more stakes in this process, in other words, if you want to have some contribution on the final decision making, you have to quickly grasp the why behind the change of this feature.

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